Lose weight and keep it off

  • Without having to give up your favourite foods
  • Without having to cook all new meals
  • Without spending hours in the kitchen
  • Without wasting money on supplements and expensive ‘superfoods’
  • Without having to count calories

  • Know what to cook
  • Easily adjust your portion sizes to be right for YOU, no going hungry here!
  • Confidently know what to buy in the supermarket 
  • Make changes that are easy and sustainable (seamlessly fit into your routine)
  • Create meals and snacks that fit your budget and lifestyle
  • Achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable way 

I'll help you

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We’ll have a chat via zoom where I will ask you some questions to better understand your goals, lifestyle, medical and social history as well as your current diet and exercise habits. 

Then we’ll put together some strategies, that fit into your lifestyle, to help you reach your goals!

This isn’t a 12-week challenge, this is a sustainable solution that gives you the tools and knowledge to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way


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